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  1. melmillette says:

    Hi, my name is Mélanie Millette. My French presentation is more sophisticated, but in English, let’s say I’m a PhD student at the Join program in Communication (2nd year). My advisor is Serge Proulx (UQAM) and I work on online communities, specifically on amateurs who use social media to contribute, share and coordinate their activities. My MA thesis was on Montreal’s independant podcasters.
    Twitter : @MelMillette
    Research page :

    Bonjour, je m’appelle Mélanie Millette. Je suis en 2e année au Doctorat conjoint en communication. Mon directeur est Serge Proulx (UQAM) et je travaille sur les communautés en ligne, plus particulièrement sur les communautés d’amateurs qui utilisent divers médias sociaux pour contribuer, échanger, se coordonner, etc. Je suis intéressée par les questions de visibilité, de reconnaissance sociale et de réputation des usagers dans ces communautés.

    Je cherche également à comprendre la nature de l’engagement (politique, émotionnel) des personnes impliquées dans les diverses communautés que j’étudie. Mon mémoire de maîtrise a porté sur les podcasters indépendants montréalais, j’ai également travaillé pendant deux ans sur un projet de recherche sur la consommation des médias par diverses communautés cuturelles de Montréal.
    J’aime les géraniums et le chocolat aux amandes.
    Twitter : @MelMillette
    Page de chercheuse :

  2. M.E. Luka says:

    Hi, I’m Mary Elizabeth Luka. Most people call me M.E. Like Mélanie, I’m in the second year of the Joint Program in Communications, though I’m based at Concordia. This is my final course in the program. My advisor is Monika Kin Gagnon. My research interests are located at the intersections of culture, media and artistic creation with everyday life in the contemporary Canadian context, including visual culture, communications, mobility, multi-platform creative production and broadcast, and more. I’m interested in how artists, professional and non-professional media creators, and Canadian audiences, publics and communities interact and engage. Trained as a video artist and sculptor, experienced as a broadcaster and a non-profit consultant, and rewarded with awards and audiences as an internet and television producer and director, I am one lucky PhD candidate. Myself, I prefer dark chocolate with pepper and spice, and gerberas make me happy. I do have a blog though it’s pretty bare bones:

  3. maudegauthier says:

    Je suis étudiante de première année au programme conjoint en communication (à l’Université de Montréal) et membre du groupe de recherche Culture populaire, connaissance et critique. Mon mémoire de maîtrise a porté sur l’artiste comme entrepreneur de soi et ma recherche doctorale traitera des relations de parenté. Mes intérêts tournent également autour des questions de genre, de sexualité et de mémoire.
    I am in the first year of the joint program in communications (I am based at Université de Montréal). My master’s thesis focused on the artist as entrepreneur of self and my doctoral research will deal with kinships. My interests also revolve around gender, sexuality and memory.

  4. kristariley says:

    I’m in my first year of the program, studying at Concordia, with Yasmin Jiwani. My research looks at representations of Muslim women in the media, and at alternative media created by Muslim women. I also write for a blog that looks at similar issues:

  5. Jacqueline Wallace says:

    My name is Jacqueline Wallace and I am a second year student in the Joint PhD Program in Communication. I am a former co-founder of Veer Inc. (, an award-winning visual media and graphic design company. My research interests include: cultural economy, creative labour, graphic design and visual culture, digital culture, DIY design and crafts, and feminist media studies. I am also a research assistant for the Concordia Interactive Narrative Experimentation and Research Group (CINER-G): My supervisor is Dr. Matt Soar.

    I am just about to start a 8-week pattern-making, design, and sewing atelier where I hope to learn how to create contemporary replicas of 50s and 60s women’s fashion.

    I ran my first Montreal half marathon last summer and hope to run again this September. You can find my ramblings on Twitter @aliceinwunder or read my (somewhat neglected) blog at

  6. Sam says:

    My name is Samuel Thulin. I’m in the first year of my PhD, studying at Concordia in the Joint Communication program. I’m interested in mobile media, music, and the soundscape. I investigated some of these ideas in a research-creation project for my MA (some of the project work for that can be found here: There to Hear). I’m also interested in the history of sound reproduction technology. I am a member of the Mobile Media Lab in Montreal (co-located in Toronto).

  7. Joëlle says:

    I am in my first year as a student in the Joint PhD in Communication. My supervisor is Julianne Pidduck in collaboration with Silvestra Mariniello from the Film Studies department at UofM. I am interested in intersectionality, post-colonialism and the diverse representations of differences – from gender to ability. ‪My aim is to develop an intersectional analysis – commonly used in sociology – that could be used in film and communications studies‬. I work on the representation of differences in Québec’s film and television.

    I did my MA in Film Studies – in research creation. I directed a documentary on the (possible) mutation of the female stereotypes in Québec’s media representation. Since then, I have been working on multiple video projects and I also teach production classes in the Film Studies department at UofM.

  8. Mariam says:


    My name is Mariam Esseghaier and I am a first year PhD student at Concordia University in the Communication Studies Department. My area of research focuses on the commercialization and commodification of teenage Muslim girls in post-9/11 popular culture. I’m interested in everything from beauty pageants, film, television, and magazines. Basically anything considered “popular.” I’m really interested in the way that, through commodification, the Muslim girl becomes “normalized.” This “Mobile Media” course was highly recommended to me by several professors and I really look forward to taking it. I also look forward to being part of a class with all of you. Aussi, je parle français! J’aimerais améliorer mon français, donc si vous aimez, s’il vous plaît me parler en français!

  9. Marc-Olivier says:

    Bonjour à vous, je suis étudiant en première année au doctorat conjoint en communication. Mes ports d’attaches institutionnels sont l’UQAM, où je travaille sous la supervision d’Éric George, et l’Université Paris 3 Sorbonne-Nouvelle, où je collabore avec Franck Rebillard. Présentement, nous effectuons des recherches qui portent sur le pluralisme des sources d’information sur Internet et sur les enjeux socio-économiques entre les entreprises de presse et les infomédiaires en France et au Canada.

    Mes intérêts de recherche sont des plus variés, allants de la narratologie italienne de la 2e moitié du 20e siècle, à l’économie du sport spectacle, en passant par la politique internationale, l’économie « numérique », les théories du travail, etc. Par contre, se limite aux études critiques en économie politique de la communication et sur les industries de la culture et de la communication.

    Hi all,
    I’m in my first year in the joint PhD program. Even thought I’m new in the program, I took the
    on what it meant to be a Phd student. My interests are broad as possible, as I really enjoy learning and experiencing new ideas and views on the world. Hence, I try to be the more open possible and collect information and knowledge from various field ranging from literature, to political-economy and , passing by computer programming, music playing, sports industries, journalism, etc.

    Also my dream day includes reading in a hammock, especially late 20th century Italian novelist (especially Baricco: « On donne toujours un nom à ce qui fait peur, raison pour laquelle d’ailleurs, par prudence, les hommes en ont deux»), sci-fi books and iconotexts (the “scientific” name for comics and ), playing hockey on a cold morning, and eating foie gras!

  10. Patrick Gauthier says:

    Hello! My name is Patrick Gauthier. I am a Ph.D. student in communications from UQAM. I have an M.A. in communications, specialized in marketing communications and a B.A.A. in business administration, specialized in marketing. I am crazy passionate about branding, especially about brand identity (not about logos, but about organizational and personal brand identities). I am also very interested in creativity, education/training and positive psychology (the science of happiness). How do I mix all this together? Well, I am interested in developing creative and fun training practices to help people and their enterprise reveal and bring to life happy, purposeful and creative brand identities.

    I hope this class will help me better understand how mobile technologies and our mobile lifestyle affect and can help create more purposeful, happier and creative brands.

    Other interests: leadership, inspiration, excellence, management, making money (joke!), the arts, graphic design, posters, Tae Kwon Do, hip hop, traveling, reading, etc.

    Thanks for sending me any suggestions, reading material or just a quick hello! I love to make new friends! But don’t just keep it digital, come and say hello in person. I look forward meeting and getting to know you.

    Twitter: pat_gauthier
    Facebook: Patrick Gauthier

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