GIS Workshop

GIS/GPS/QGIS Workshop:

In addition to the regular schedule of classes, students in this course are invited  to attend a workshop on how to code and create mapping projects. These will be run by Tim Sinnott from San Francisco (and GreenInfo).  In the first workshop students will learn how to create maps using Google Earth; in the second workshop  Tim will be covering KML coding  using Quantum GIS (QGIS) open source software and Google Earth.

GIS mapping and coding with Tim Sinnot of GreenInfo, San Francisco

Part 1: Thursday, Jan 27, 1 pm

Part 2: Thursday,  Feb 3, 1 pm

Location: Intermedia Lab B, C-J Building (Communications Journalism)

Loyola campus (3rd floor).

7141 Sherbrooke St West, corner of West Broadway, Montreal.

Tim Sinnott started as an intern at GreenInfo Network in the summer of 2006. Prior to living and working in the Bay Area, Tim was a GIS educator with the Community Mapping Program at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science. In his current role as GIS manager at GreenInfo, Tim spends much of his time working with clients to develop projects and, when he’s lucky, gets to make a map or two!  Tim endeavors to bring thoughtfulness and humanity into his cartography, design and data visualization.

A few Google Earth projects from GreenInfo

GreenInfo’s websites

Tim’s blog

Workshop information: Sign up for a google account

We will be using some Google web applications, so it is helpful if participants have a Google Account or can set one up beforehand.  If not, then they can watch me go through the process on the big screen.

Images for georeferencing, or, if participants want to bring a link to any other map, then that works too!

If people want extra resources:

KML Tutorials

KML Interactive Sampler:

KML References:


QGIS Manual for Feb 3 workshop:


(this is not compulsory reading, but you might find it helpful)


This workshop is sponsored by the Mobile Media Lab- Montreal.


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