Weekly Readings

Course Schedule and Readings:

Note: there are, on average, 3 readings per week. After Jan 19, PhD students enrolled in the course are expected to choose one other reading from the list (or mentioned in one of the required articles) and to bring this choice to the weekly class discussion. In other words, every week you are expected to read at least 4 articles.

Wednesday, January 12/week 1: Introductions

In-class introductions, course explanation, and finalization of weblog site

In class reading:

Mimi Sheller and John Urry. (2007). ‘The New Mobilities Paradigm’. Environment and Planning A, Vol. 38(2): 207-226.

Wednesday, January 19/week 2: Thinking Mobility

Tim Cresswell. (2006).  ‘The Production of Mobilities: An Interpretive Framework’. On the Move: Mobility in the Modern Western World. New York: Routledge: 1-24.

Adriana de Souza e Silva. (2007). ‘Interfaces of Hybrid Spaces’. The Cell Phone Reader: essays in social transformation. ed. Anandam Kavoori and Noah Arceneaux. New York: Peter Lang: 19-43.

Gerard Goggin . (2008). ‘The Models and Politics of Mobile Media’. Fibreculture Journal 12 (2008). Special issue on ‘Models, Metamodels and Contemporary Media.’

Retrieved from: http://twelve.fibreculturejournal.org/fcj-082-the-models-and-politics-of-mobile-media/

Will Straw (2010). ‘The Circulatory Turn’. The Wireless Spectrum: The Politics, Practices and Poetics of Mobile Media. Barbara Crow, Michael Longford and K Sawchuk, eds. Toronto: University of Toronto Press: 17-28.

January 26/ week 3Territoriality and Critical Cartographies

Jeremy W. Crampton and John Krygier. (2006).  ‘Critical Cartographies’. ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies, 4 (1): 11-33.

Caren Kaplan. (2006). ‘Mobility and War: the cosmic view of US airpower’. Environment and Planning A. Volume 38: 395 -407.

Jason Farman. (2010).’ Mapping the Digital Empire: Google Earth and the process of postmodern cartography’. New Media and Society, 20 (10): 1-19.

Recommended Classics (very short):

Guy Debord. (1958). ‘Theory of the Dérive’. Bureau of Public Secrets.

Retrieved from: http://www.bopsecrets.org/SI/2.derive.htm (consulted Jan. 2011)

Guy  Debord. (1959) ‘Détournement as Negation and Prelude’, Bureau of Public Secrets.

Retrieved from: http://www.bopsecrets.org/SI/3.detourn.htm (Consulted Jan 2011).

Thursday, Jan 27, 1 pm. MMLWORKHOP with Tim Sinnot of GreenInfo . Making Interactive  GIS Maps, part 1.

Feb 2/week 4: The Wireless Industry

Special Guest: Catherine Middleton

Canada Research Chair in Communication Technologies in the Information Society at Ryerson University

Talk: Constraint and Possibility: Realizing the Potential of the Wireless World Wide Web in an Environment of Controlled Access

G. Goggin,  & C. Spurgeon, C. (2007). ‘Premium Rate Culture: The New Business of Mobile Interactivity’. New Media & Society, 9 (5): 753-770.

R. Schroeder. (2010). ‘Mobile Phones and the Inexorable Advance of Multimodal Connectedness’. New Media & Society, 12(1): 75-90.

Y. Benkler. (2010, February). Next generation connectivity: A review of broadband                 internet transitions and policy from around the world. The Berkman Centre for Internet & Society at Harvard. URL: http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/pubrelease/ broadband/

Recommended Government and Industry Documents/Websites

CWTA (Decima) Report

Horizon 2010 Report

Thursday, Feb 3, 1 pm. MMLWORKHOP with Tim Sinnot of GreenInfo . Making Interactive GIS Maps, part 2.

February 9/week 5Mobile Subjects

V-Conference : Oral History Lab

Invited Guest:  Dr. Mireia Fernandez-Ardevol: IN3, Open University, Barcelona.

Dr. Fernandez will discuss her most recent research project on Aging and Mobile Technologies.

N. Charness, W.R.  Boot. (2009). ‘Aging and information technology use: potential and barriers.’ Current Directions in Psychological Science, 18 (5): 253-258.

M. Conci, M., F. Pianese, M. Zancarano. (2009). ‘Useful, Social and Enjoyable: Mobile Phone Adoption by Older People’. INTERACT 2009, Part I, LNCS 5726:  63-76.

Rich Ling. (2008). ‘Should We be Concerned that the Elderly don’t Text?.’ The Information Society (24) :334-341.

N. Mohd, H. Hazrina,  J. Nazean, J. (2008). ‘The Use of Mobile Phones by Elderly: A Study in Malaysia Perspectives.’Journal of Social Sciences, 4(2): 123-127.

February 16/week 6: Mobile Developments, First Nations Innovations

V-Conference: Oral History Lab, Concordia

Invited Guests: Susan Donnell, NRC/UNB, Fredericton and Brian Beaton, K-Net Services

Note a draft of the paper will be made available in the coming weeks.

Susan O’Donnell, Mary Milliken, C. Chong, and Brian Walmark. (2010). ‘Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Remote and Rural First Nations Communities: An Overview.’ Paper presented at the Canadian Communication Association Annual Conference (CCA 2010) Montreal, June 1-3.

J. Whiteduck. (2010). ‘Building the First Nation e-Community.’ In White, J.P., Peters, J., Beavon, D., Dinsdale, P. (eds). Aboriginal Policy Research VI: Learning, Technology and Traditions. Toronto: Thompson Educational Publishing: 95-103.

Also recommended

Sheila Kinkade and  Katrin Verclas. (2008). Wireless Technology for Social Change: Trends in Mobile Use by NGOs Series Access to Communication Publication, Volume 2. Washington: Vodaphone Group Foundation and United Nations Foundation.

Retrieved from: http://mobileactive.org/files/MobilizingSocialChange_full.pdf

February 25: No class/Reading Week

Week of March 2/week 7 Mobile Activism: First Draft of Proposals due (please submit these electronically to kim.sawchuk@sympatico.ca)

Wendy Robinson and David Robinson. (2007). ‘Tsunami Mobilizations: Considering the Role of Mobile and Digital Communication Devices, Citizen Journalism, and the Mass Media’. in The Cell Phone Reader eds. Kavoori and Arceneaux. op. cit: 85-105.

Darin Barney. (2008). ‘Politics and Emerging Media: The Revenge of Publicity.Global Media Journal — Canadian Edition Volume 1, Issue 1:  89-106

Retrieved from: http://www.gmj.uottawa.ca/0801/inaugural_barney.pdf

Katrin Verlas with Patricia Mechael. (2008). ‘A Mobile Voice: The Use of Mobile Phones in Citizen Media’. Washington: USAID: 1-28. Retrieved from: http://mobileactive.org/files/A%20Mobile%20Voice-The%20Role%20of%20Mobile%20Phones%20in%20Citizen%20Media.pdf

March  9/ week 8: Locative Media

Invited Guests: The Under the City team: Katarina Soukup, Andrew Emond, Jonathan Beslisle, and Jonathan Grenier

Anne Galloway and Matthew Ward. (2006). ‘Locative media as socialising and spatialising practices: Learning from archaeology.’ Leonardo 14(3).

Retrieved from http: //www.leoalmanac.org/journal/vol_14/lea_v14_n03-04/gallowayward.html

Andre Lemos, (2010). ‘Post−−Mass Media Functions, Locative Media, and Informational Territories: New Ways of Thinking About Territory, Place, and Mobility in Contemporary Society’. Space and Culture 13: 403-420.

Adriana de Souza e Silva and Jordan Firth. (2010). ‘Locative Mobile Social Networks: Mapping Communication and Location in Urban Spaces’. Mobilities Vol. 5, No. 4, 485–505.

Classic Recommended Texts:

Pope, Simon. (2005, February 9). ‘The shape of locative media’. MetaMute. Retrieved from http://www.metamute.org/en/The-Shape-of-Locative-Media

March 16/week 9:  Mobile Soundwalking 1.

Invited Guest: Dr. Owen Chapman: The Mobile Soundwalking Project

Darren S. Wershler (2008). ‘Sonic Signage: [murmur], the Refrain, and Territoriality’. Canadian Journal of Communication. Vol 33 No 3: 405-418

Retrieved from : http://www.cjc-online.ca/index.php/journal/article/view/2000/2021

Owen Chapman. (2009). ‘The Icebreaker: Soundscape works as everyday sound art.’ Organised Sound 14(1): 83–88.

Jo Vergunst. (2010). ‘Rhythms of Walking: History and Presence in a City Street’.

Space and Culture: 13: 376.

Please see: Andra McCartney, Soundwalking and improvisation: http://spectrum.library.concordia.ca/6655/

*****March 23: no class Kim attending a Mobilities conference in Philadelphia. I am trying to arrange a hook up. *****

April 1/week 10: Mobile Screens and Everyday Life

Charles Acland. (2009). ‘Curtains, Carts and the Mobile Screen’. Screen. Volume 50, Issue 1: 149-166.

Max Dawson. (2007). Little players, big shows: Format, narration and style on television’s new smaller screens. Convergence, 13(3), 231-250.

Judith Nicholson. (2010). ‘The Third Screen as Cultural Form in North America’. In The Wireless Spectrum. ed. Crow, Longford, Sawchuk.  op. cit.: 77-95.

April 6/week 11: Mobile Music: the Debate over Devices

Special Guests: Kok Siew Wai, Lecturer MultiMedia University, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and Andra McCartney, Communication Studies.

Michael Bull.  (2005). ‘No dead air! The iPod and the culture of mobile listening’. Leisure Studies, 24(4): 343–355.

Isabel Pedersen. (2008).’ “No Apple iPhone? You Must Be Canadian”: Mobile Technologies, Participatory Culture, and Rhetorical Transformation’. Canadian Journal of Communication, Vol 33, No 3: 491-510.

Retrieved at: http://www.cjc-online.ca/index.php/journal/article/view/2100/2023

David Beer. (2010). ‘Mobile Music, Coded Objects and Everyday Spaces’. Mobilities Vol. 5, No. 4: 469-484.

Weeks 12 and 13

April 20, All day conference presentations, Concordia

April 21 all day conference presentations, Concordia

Papers due. May 1


10 Responses to Weekly Readings

  1. Sam says:

    Extra article details for Jan 26/Week 3:
    M. Wozniewski, N. Bouillot, Z. Settel, and J. R. Cooper- stock, “Large-scale mobile audio environments for collabo- rative musical interaction,” in Intl. Conference on New Inter- faces for Musical Expression, (Genova, Italy), 2008.
    Large-Scale Mobile Audio Environments for Collaborative Musical Interaction

  2. M.E. Luka says:

    Extra articles for Jan 26 or Feb 2:
    Mei-Po Kwan, “Feminist Visualization: Re-envisioning GIS as a Method in Feminist Geographic Research.” Annals of the Association of American Geographers 92.4 (2002): 645-661. EBSCO. Web.

    Gina Neff. “The Changing Place of Cultural Production: The Location of Social Networks in a Digital Media Industry.” The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 597 (2005): 134-152. SAGE. Web.

    Marita Moll and Leslie Regan Shade. “Introduction.” For $ale to the Highest Bidder: Telecom Policy in Canada. Moll & Shade, Eds. Toronto: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 2008. http://www.policyalternatives.ca/sites/default/files/uploads/publications/National_Office_Pubs/2008/For_Sale_To_The_Highest_Bidder_contents_intro.pdf

  3. M.E. Luka says:

    Articles I’ve been reading:

    James Allen-Robertson and David Beer. “Mobile Ideas: Tracking a Concept through Time and Space.” Mobilities 5.4 (2010): 529-545.

    Georgina Born. “The Social and the Aesthetic: For A Post-Bordieuian Theory of Cultural Production.” Cultural Sociology 4.2 (2010): 171-208.

    Pil Hansen and Bruce Barton. “The Research-Based Practice Situating Vertical City between Artistic Development and Applied Cognitive Science.” The Drama Review 53.4 (Winter 2009): 120-136.

    Brad Haseman. “Creative Practices.” Creative Industries. Ed. John Hartley. Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing, 2009. 158-176

    Vincent Miller. “New Media, Networking and Phatic Culture.” Convergence 14.4 (2008): 387-400.

    Oyèníyì Okùnoyè. “Ewì, Yorùbá Modernity, and the Public Space.” Research in African Literatures 41.4 (Winter 2010): 43- 64.

    Andy C. Pratt. “Creative Cities: The Cultural Industries and the Creative Class.” Geografiska Annaler: Series B, Human Geography 90.2 (2008): 107-117.

    Saskia Sassen. “Whose City is it? Globalization and the Formation of New Claims.” Public Culture 8 (1996): 205-223.

    Rowan Wilken. “A Community of Strangers? Mobile Media, Art, Tactility and Urban Encounters with the Other.” Mobilities 5.4 (2010): 449-468.

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