Women in Digital Media conference

This could be very interesting – some great speakers are booked:


Women in Film and Television presents a conference about women in leadership roles in digital media.

From the website:

“The iWDMS 2011 is set to bring together professionals from traditional and digital media communitites, as well as educational/research institutions from around the world.  With high level keynotes, cross-sector dialogue, expert panelists, controversial debates and structured networking, the Summit will promote knowledge-sharing, and will explore innovation, skills gaps, policy and research in digital media–including gaming, mobile, and social media–and the impacts on and advancements by women globally.  Through engagement with a range of topics the iWDMS promises a fresh and exciting look at the ever expanding field of digital media, including:

Women in Leadership – Technology, Corporations and Entrepreneurs
New Media Literacy
Gender and Technology
Evolution of Business Models (particularly in female-led businesses)
Emerging Technologies
International Innovation
Labour Market Research for Women in Digital Media
Applications of Digital Media in Crossing the Digital Divide
Transmedia Content Creation
2012 Predictions….and more!”


About M.E. Luka

Mary Elizabeth (“ME”) Luka is a Vanier Canada Graduate Scholar, HASTAC Scholar, and doctoral candidate (ABD) in the Joint Program in Communication at Concordia University, where she’s probing the meaning and potential of “creative citizenship,” including the work of artists and creative producers in daily life. Her scholarly research and teaching interests focus on production practices and creativity in cultural media production and more generally the creative and cultural industries, and the intriguing dynamics—and networks—generated at the intersection of the arts, broadcasting and digital production. Currently, Luka is teaching a graduate course in media, culture & society at Mount Saint Vincent University. In addition, ME is an award-winning producer and director for television and digital media as well as an experienced consultant in art, culture and media. She is an active leadership volunteer, including as Vice-Chair of Arts Nova Scotia, the new funding body for many artists and arts organizations in the province. For fun, she likes - umm - art, culture, and media, as well as travel, friends and family. @meluka01 | http://moreartculturemediaplease.com
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One Response to Women in Digital Media conference

  1. Katy Swailes says:

    Hi there! I’m one of the event’s organizers and just want to let students know that we’re offering an incredible student rate (save $230!). The number of student tickets are limited, so don’t delay!

    You can also check out the Summit schedule and speaker profiles here: http://wink.zerista.com
    Pricing and registration available here: http://bit.ly/p1PumU

    Thanks for the post, professor.

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