Recommended Reading: “Configuring the Mobile Use: Sociological and Industry Views”

The process of writing a presentation on a new subject requires a lot of new reading, too. However, not everything is extremely useful, and many things just bring you into different,, undesired directions.

One article I found very good was

Green, N, Harper, R.H.R., Murtagh G, and G.Cooper. “Configuring the Moble User: Sociological and Industry Views”. Personal and Ubiquitous Comupting, 2001 (5), 146-156.

Even if dated for the fast development of the mobile industry, this article provides an important mapping of the social science research done with respect to the mobile users, in comparison with the industy ones (service providers, network operators, resellers).

Good points in the article related to users’ behaviour, the techniques of collection of data by service providers and other companies on the users and what they do with them. They also point out the difference between social science research and the industry (including marketing).

Recommended for the user -centered researchers.

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One Response to Recommended Reading: “Configuring the Mobile Use: Sociological and Industry Views”

  1. Bing says:

    Hello i’m a student from France and i’m writing my final year’s report about the Identity construction via Smartphone. It seems interesting the article you recommended. Is buying it the only way to obtain it? i checked it’s about 34 euros. A bit expensive for me, i’m wondering if you have a link for it or not. If yes, could you send to me, please? Otherwise i’m sorry to bother you, and thanks , i admire all the informations from the blog.
    Best regards,

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