Call for papers: Mobile Family Interaction

This workshop at Mobile CHI 2011, 29 August 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden aims to deepen our understanding of mobile technology use by preteens. The ubiquitous nature of this technology opens up new possibilities for technology use and abuse that need to be considered by parents and governments. This technological change will also affect family interaction and parenthood, bringing up new uses for mobile technology throughout families.

* Empirical studies of preteen use of mobile technology, including use for communication among friends and family. Empirical analysis of themes, opportunities, coping strategies and mediation is also welcomed.

* Case studies of campaigns and other efforts to improve media literacy skills, and child-child and child-adult mediation, with particular emphasis on the development of best practices, as well as theoretical work on topics such as child-child or child-adult mediation.

* Presentations of innovative solutions and concepts that improve family life and child empowerment. The solutions will likely include mobile aspects, but may include also other media sources, such as the Web.

Position paper’s deadline is on April 24th.

More information:

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