CFP: The Digital Generation

Here’s another CFP, it’s for a conference in Romania!  The conference is called “The Digital Generation: Self-Representations, Urban Mythology and Cultural Practices.”  The conference will take place from September 16-19, 2011.  I thought it might be interesting for people in the class.

Here is the CFP:


The Digital Generation: Self-representations, Urban Mythology and Cultural Practices International conference aims to develop an interdisciplinary platform for the discussion of the mutations in representation and socio-cultural insertion which have occurred in the last decades in the cognitive systems and everyday life practices of the digital generation.

Participation is open to all specialists, researchers, and postgraduate students with research interests in the fields of sociology, psychology, cultural anthropology, philosophy, computer science, linguistics, literature and communication studies, as well as to specialists and researchers in the fields of performing arts, music, visual arts or multimedia.

Submitted papers can be both theoretical approaches and presentations of empirical research (finalized or work in progress). The conference’s main topics are:

  • Mutations in the young generation’s identity construction and self-representations.
  • Direct interpersonal communication vs. virtual communication. Languages, stylistics and communicational practices particular to the digital generation.
  • The digital generation and urban mythologies. Avatar, hero, nation.
  • Cultural consumption practices of the digital generation (film, music, multimedia, computer games, literature)
  • Socialization practices and urban ceremonies.
  • Representations of young people in contemporary art.
  • Controversial problems of social insertion and civic involvement of the young generation.


The deadline for submissions is June 25th, 2011.

Here is the website:

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