Jam My Jam

I think this app has some important resonances with this week’s readings, particularly the with regards to Bull’s notion of privatized and personalized listening vs Beer’s contention, “We can no longer think of listening to music as being an individual practice that is somehow segregated off from something as important as the generation and use of transactional data” (475) and “Significantly this process of increased permeability and networking of musical logjects begins to connect listening practices to geographical spaces as information about mobile music is tagged and becomes locational” (476).   From the iTunes app website:

“What are you listening to? At the University of Maryland, this is the question we find ourselves asking of the 30,000 other students that we briskly pass on our way to classes, offices, and labs. But there’s no time to ask. Our headphones are on, eyes straight ahead – locked in. We’re jamming.

Not anymore. As part of the University of Maryland Mobility Contest, Jam My Jam allows students to broadcast their musical wanderings to their friends, their classmates, and anyone else who may be sniffing for a new jam. Our site maps these jams across the 1250-acre campus like little bombs of digital graffiti. Jamming out in the library? Bomb it. Leave your mark. We’re listening.”

also check out: http://test.mobilitycontest.umd.edu/JamMyJam/home.php

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