Event at McGill this Week – Social Media and Social Movements in the Middle East and North Africa

From http://media.mcgill.ca/en/annabelle_sreberny_news:

On Friday April 1st starting at 2:30pm, Media@McGill invites the public to join us for a free international event (keynote talk and panel discussion) regarding social media and social movements in the Middle East and North Africa. The afternoon event will take place at Thomson House, 3650 McTavish, Montreal. (map)

At 2:30pm, Annabelle Sreberny will be presenting a keynote talk:

Social Media and Social Movements: An exploration of the ‘Green Movement’ in Iran.”

Abstract: The post-election growth of the ‘Green Movement’ in Iran seemed a total surprise to many commentators. But serious analysis of the interactions between face-to-face politics and the emergence of new communications technologies in Iran reveals a long history of the up-take of new media and the difficulties of enacting traditional politics. Steering between the extreme positions of both cyber-utopians and cyber-depressives, this talk seeks to explore and illustrate the polymedia environment of young Iranians and the dynamics of Green Movement communication.



Annabelle Sreberny is Professor of Global Media and Communications and Director of the Centre for Media and Film Studies at SOAS, University of London, where she also chairs the new Centre for Iranian Studies. She is currently President of IAMCR. Her new book coauthored with Gholam Khiabany, Blogistan:The Internet and Politics in Iran, was just published (2010) by IBTauris.

The event continues with a panel discussion at 3:30pm. Invited experts will explore relationships between social movements and social media in the ongoing major upheavals rocking the Middle-East and North Africa.

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