Storytelling SxSW style and Shorts in Motion

Here’s a good summary article from Media Shift about SXSW storytelling, multiplatforms and collaborative contributions. Particularly apropos of our subject this coming week.

The Media Shift article references a project called Collapsus, a “transmedia… multiple-platform storytelling” project incorporating documentary elements, fictionalized elements and interactive opportunities, including mobile applications. It looks like the interactive side is not developed yet. Here’s the link to the trailer for Collapsus, and the website in progress.

Also, for those who weren’t around the tv/film biz when this was cutting-edge work, it’s worth taking a look at early (well-funded) experiments with short films for the small screen: Shorts in Motion

Ah. Story.


About M.E. Luka

Mary Elizabeth (“ME”) Luka is a Vanier Canada Graduate Scholar, HASTAC Scholar, and doctoral candidate (ABD) in the Joint Program in Communication at Concordia University, where she’s probing the meaning and potential of “creative citizenship,” including the work of artists and creative producers in daily life. Her scholarly research and teaching interests focus on production practices and creativity in cultural media production and more generally the creative and cultural industries, and the intriguing dynamics—and networks—generated at the intersection of the arts, broadcasting and digital production. Currently, Luka is teaching a graduate course in media, culture & society at Mount Saint Vincent University. In addition, ME is an award-winning producer and director for television and digital media as well as an experienced consultant in art, culture and media. She is an active leadership volunteer, including as Vice-Chair of Arts Nova Scotia, the new funding body for many artists and arts organizations in the province. For fun, she likes - umm - art, culture, and media, as well as travel, friends and family. @meluka01 |
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