Mobilité – contextes de migration

Quelques articles qui articulent mobilité/migration et travail du sexe, ou autrement dit, qui abordent les conjonctures qui rendent possibles certaines formes de migration.

« As a feature of capitalist development, economic migration has historically entailed sex work as one of its components. In the age of globalization, this means a forced choice for many women, as they move from the village to the city in their own countries and across international borders. The present article focuses on the decision making process, the means of migration, and the experience in the urban site, national or international, of those — the vast majority — who have not been “trafficked”, but have made this forced choice their life strategy. The impact on sex worker migration of customer “migration” in the form of sex tourism is discussed, along with the other economic and cultural factors. »

« Here I was trying to describe how selling sex can be an occupation that works out okay for migrant women without their taking on a definite identity based on it. This is also the piece that suggested that many migrant sex workers can be viewed as cosmopolitan subjects. The reference to ‘challenging place‘ derives from the editorial focus, for a journal issue, on women and place, the local and the global. I couldn’t fit migrant workers into that framework, and this was the result. » v.f. :


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