Videotron ad – the dark side of technology?

Have you seen this ad by Videotron? It’s been out since January. I’m not sure how to read it? Is it suppose to promote the power of technology or remind us of the lost of connection a lot of parents have with their kids due to technology? I guess it depends on how you look at it. As a young parent, this ad reminds me of how kids can get caught in technology if you let them (as can we as parents…). I love technology and it’s fun, my kids too, but I certainly don’t want my kids to have a stronger relationship with a bunch of computer screens then with me… Making technology more accessible is the norm, but sometimes, especially when it comes to developing real face to face human relations with the people who surround you, it would be good to make it a little harder. How often do we see friends or a couple sitting in a restaurant or a coffee shop interacting with their social network via their phones, but ignoring each other…  Are they connecting or not? Maybe, but not with each other at that moment…


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