MPTrain: A Mobile Music and Physiology Based Personal Trainer

I found this project interesting because of its focus on the body of the person using a mobile phone and the interaction between the body and the device.  It involves a relatively rare (so far) kind of data collection (physiological), which connects to the idea behind DiabeText (discussed in O’Donnell’s article on KM).  However, the data collection and feedback loop for DiabeText involves more steps and actors than the MPTrain system, which seems to be a relatively closed loop involving primarily body and device without the user inputting data manually.   May be of interest to those looking at body-device relationships…


MPTrain is a mobile phone based system that takes advantage of the influence of music in exercise performance, enabling users to easily achieve their exercise goals. MPTrain is designed as a mobile and personal system (hardware and software) that users wear while exercising (walking, running, jogging, etc.) MPTrain’s software allows the user to enter a desired exercise pattern (in terms of desired heart-rate over time) and assists the user in achieving his/her exercising goals by: (1) constantly monitoring the user’s physiology (heart-rate and pace); and (2) selecting and playing music with specific features that will encourage the user to speed up, slow down or keep the pace to be on track with his/her exercise goals.

MPTrain is a Personal Trainer on your mobile phone that automatically selects the right songs to play to keep you on track with your exercise goals. It creates the ideal playlist for each run on the fly, based on the desired workout and the your real-time performance

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