CFP: Special Issue “Social Transformations from the Mobile Internet”

I found another CFP that might interest some people in this class.  It’s a special issue for the journal Future Internet called “Social Transformations from the Mobile Internet.”  Papers are due by February 15th, so if you’re interested you need to hurry!  Here is the URL for more information:

Here is the CFP:


In the first lines of Howard Rheingold’s seminal book on pervasive computing, Smart Mobs, he notes an observation he had in Japan that changed the way he thought about mobile technologies: “The first signs of the next shift began to reveal themselves to me on a spring afternoon. That was when I began to notice people on the streets of Tokyo staring at their mobile phones instead of talking to them” (2002, p. xi). This shift from using a mobile device as a voice communication medium toward usages that focus on data (specifically the “mobile Internet”) heralds the era of physical and pervasive computing culture. This culture is characterized by the ubiquity of the Internet, as it is woven into the fabric of daily life, typically so commonplace that we are often rarely aware of the extent of this integration. The effects of moving from a fixed-location Internet to a mobile Internet are far reaching. This special issue of Future Internet seeks to elaborate on the various cultural transformations brought about by the mobile Internet.

Possible topics of interest include:

  • the transformation of online spatiality
  • uses of the mobile Internet in the arts
  • confronting the digital divide with the mobile internet
  • site-specificity of information (and information visualization)
  • location-based social media
  • mobile mapping and representations of space
  • modes of embodiment across the mobile Internet
  • consequences of the move from voice to data on mobile phones
  • social research of the “Always-on/Always-on-you” internet
  • effects of the mobile internet on temporal experiences (work, leisure, the “in-between”)
  • the commodification of site-specificity with the mobile internet
  • the evolution of content in the age of mobile media


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