NPR: Social Media Gets Credit For Tunisian Overthrow

I found another article that discusses the use of social media during Tunisia’s revolution.  It was published January 16, 2011.  Here is the website:

Here are a couple of excerpts (my favourite is the last one):

In Tunisia today, interim leaders are holding talks to try to form a unity government, after a month of violent protests toppled the government there. Two days ago, Tunisia’s president fled the country – many reasons are being cited for his overthrow. But many credit the Internet and young, educated bloggers, tweeters and Facebook users for bringing down the regime.

Mohamed Ben Hazouz(ph) is a blogger and software engineer. He says Friday’s massive demonstration was completely organized on the Internet. He calls what happened in Tunisia the worlds first cyber-net revolution.

Mt. MOHAMED BEN HAZOUZ (Software Engineer/Blogger): Everyone in Tunisia was connected to the Internet, to the site of the bloggers, to the site of Facebook, to Twitter, to organize the revolution.

BEARDSLEY: Tunisians say they’re proud that the world’s eyes are upon them and for being the first country to tweet out a tyrant.

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