CFP: Special Issue of WSQ: “Viral”

I found this CFP that might be interesting to some in this class.  This is a special issue of WSQ, which is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal which deals mainly with women, gender, and sexuality issues.  Here is part of the CFP:


The viral most often is invoked in contemporary parlance to point to the intensified speed and reach of information transit, especially in relation to the internet. It also refers to indiscriminate exchanges, often linked with notions of bodily contamination, uncontainability, unwelcome transgression of border and boundaries. More positively it points to the porosity, indeed the conviviality, of what has been treated as opposed: information and matter, digital and biological, body and mind, organic and non-organic life. The concept of the viral raises questions about the assumptions informing our thinking about life on the one hand and the transmission of knowledge or circulation of data on the other — broadly speaking, relations between epistemology and ontology. Or to put it another way, viral processes pressure our assumptions about the actual and the virtual.

Fast becoming the figure and form of movement, of its speeds and trajectories, viral transmission is eliciting responses that open up pathways or free up access but also edit, stifle, gag, or repress. The event of the viral, therefore, informs discussions about biopolitical governance, securitization of hetero and homo-nationalism, policed racial, sexual and gender bodily formations, surveilled communication and social media, and censored or concentrated knowledge formations in politics, new media, art, performance, architecture, design, medicine, journalism, literature, music. In this special issue of WSQ titled Viral, we invite a rethinking of institutions of education, family, religion, health, military, media, law, welfare, insurance, financialization, with effects that are differently distributed over various populations, bodies, nations, regions, territories, and temporalities. We seek, in Viral, to inaugurate an inventive cultural criticism from scholars from a wide range of disciplines engaged with a wide range of topics.


Some of the suggested topics include: Biosphere, Digital Environments, Hacking, Social Networking, and Twitter politics.  (There’s a much longer list on the website.)

The whole CFP can be found at this link:

Articles are due by March 15th, 2011.  They also accept poetry and prose submissions, which are also due by March 15th, 2011.

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