This week’s readings put forward some concerns about memory and power inequalities. Maps (and official histories that accompany maps) are selective – they make visible some things, some people and not others. ATSA (Action terroriste socialement acceptable, a Montreal-based group) is adressing those invisibilities through multiple projects (Frag on the Main, State of emergency, etc) – they occupy particular sites, provide « tourists » with maps and podcasts, etc. This group, by dealing explicitly with social inequalities, ecological issues and « hidden » memories, emphasizes the normative frame in which individuals « perform » their readings of the maps.

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2 Responses to ATSA

  1. kimsaw says:

    This is an amazing set of projects. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Are you interested in writing about this for your paper in the course?

  2. maudegauthier says:

    Thanks, I was thinking about ATSA as something we could discuss in class. I started to work on some other ideas for my paper (which I am not ready to share yet… ).

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