6 soon-to-be has-been gadgets (according to Yahoo!…)

I tried to post this last week but had some difficulties… anyway:

This is a bit of a throw-away article, but I found it interesting, nonetheless, as 3 of the soon-to-be has-been devices will supposedly be made obsolete by cell-phones and the other 3 by (wireless) networks.  There is indication of 2 kinds of ubiquity mentioned by Adriana de Souza e Silva: mobile devices everywhere, and the availability of digital content everywhere.   The idea of obsolescence also draws attention to an interesting aspect of circulation (thinking of Will Straw’s article), as different technological forms rub up against one another influencing eachother’s time spent in the realm of the non-obsolescent.   And of course, obsolescent forms still circulate along with newer forms though their speeds and positions may have changed.

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