Par-delà le bottin téléphonique

Article qui problématise les bottins de téléphone. Face à la mobilité des corps et des dispositifs, la recherche et l’accessibilité d’information de localisation jouent un rôle dans l’appropriation et la mise en forme de l’espace urbain. Son hypothèse est que l’information de localisation est importante quant à l’expérience spatiale en milieu urbain (wayfinding).

As any living organism, media come to life, live and die. Sometimes, an existence can influence another, sometimes a story can resurface and, at other times, an agony occurs away from sight. At what stage of its story is the telephone? Without having the pretension to give an answer at this time, I wonder: what can the phone books (bottins de téléphone, as we call them in Québec) may tell us? Why shouldn’t we let this 100-year-old medium speak for itself? Why shouldn’t we take a few steps back to understand its role in today’s media ecology? In short, I will adventure, by a deliberate act of estrangement (Chklovski, 2008), on some avenues concealed in the phone book’s essence to find these lost junctions where singular facts of its genesis, its future and its agony are waiting for an attentive listener to reveal themselves.

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